Sunday, November 6, 2011

Star Wars Droid Hunt

IGT - Star Wars Droid Hunt

A 5-Reel, 30-Payline, 300-credit max bet video reel slot with a surround sound chair and featuring voices and clips from the Star Wars movies
  •  At random times, a Star Destroyer/Tie Fighter battle will appear on the screen and blast 1-10 symbols, turning them into wilds.
  • If offers 4 interactive bonuses triggered by 3 bonus symbols appearing in the core game.  Those symbols become droids that the player selects from to determine which bonus game they will play
Bonus Rounds
  •  Droid Match - The game starts with you choosing a Jawa to deal with and determine your credit multiplier
    • Next you are given a display of droids to the right with corresponding credit values.
    • Select various doors to reveal droids.
    • Once you open a door, it stays open so the first match you find, is the credit value you win and the bonus rounds ends.
  • Astromech free spins Bonus - select from a collection of droids to determine what your bonus round symbol will be
    • Certain characters are more valuable that others
    • During the frees spins, each time you get that symbol, it stays in the paylines.
    • At the end of the round, you win credits based on the number of matching symbols you found and have displaying on the screen.
  • Tuscan Raider & Ion Blaster Bonuses are very similar
    • Tuscan Raider - win up to 1000 credits times the bet per line, depending on how long the raider freaks out on the screen
    • Ion Blaster - win up to 5000 credits times the bet per line, depending on which one of R2's compartments stays open after getting blasted.

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