Sunday, December 11, 2011

Star Trek Battlestations

WMS - Star Trek Battlestations - This is an 80-line dual reel base game were "Big Event" community bonus games play out every 8 minutes on the two 52 inch overhead monitors .  The game also features a surround sound chair as well as new audio recorded just for the game by Shatner and Nimoy. 

The first goal is to construct a ship.  You can build up to 5 ships that you will use in battle in the bonus rounds.  Each "Enterprise" symbol you get in the base game helps you to construct your ships.  The value of the "Enterprise" symbol depends on your line bet so bet high until you construct at least one ship, then you can back down to the minimum if you want your money to last longer.  Players must have at least one ship in their fleet to qualify for the "Big Event" bonus games.
Bonus Rounds
  • The Battle Bonus - Each ship in your fleet targets Klingon ships to win credits.  
    • To start the round, first choose a ship to attack.  If you destroy the ship, you get the credits associated to it. 
    • Each player receives at least one shot at the enemy ships grid for every ship in the players fleet.  The goal is to guess which target that will destroy the enemy ship.  Shots that don't destroy the ship award various credits values.
    • At the end of the bonus, your credits are multiplied by your ships "Fleet Multiplier".  The number of earned ships determines the "Fleet multiplier" you are taking into the bonus rounds. 
    • Each ship that survives the battle is promoted to a higher rank and higher credit multiplier. 
  • The Rogue Bonus - Use your ships tractor beam to try and capture a lost ship.
    • The person who captures the Romulan ship wins the highest number of credits but everyone with at least one ship in the bonus wins credits.
    • Once the round ends, your awarded credits are multiplied by the "Feel Multiplier" value
    • It is completely random which player captures the ship.  The strength of your flee or you bet per line have no influence on the outcome.
  • Free Spin Bonus - In the base game, free spins are triggered when you get 3 bonus symbols.
    • The game also features free spin transports.  If you get a wild on one of the split reel games, it transports that symbol to the other reel, filling it entierly with the wild symbol.

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