Sunday, March 25, 2012

Texas Tea

IGT's Texas Tea slot is a 5 reel game with 9 paylines.  You can bet anywhere between 1 to 5 credits per payline and the max bet per spin is 45 credits. The most you can win in the game is capped at $50,000.
The game features fun caricatures of Texan imagery like a cowboy-hat wearing oil tycoon (his name is Texas Ted) driving a cadillac with longhorns mounted to the front of the car and his corporate jet is painted to look like a cow.

Bonus Rounds:
Oil Dividend Bonus: is activated when you hit 3-5 "Texas Ted" symbols anywhere on the reels.  Texas Ted takes out his pen and writes you a nice fat oil dividend check. He calculates the amount by multiplying the bet that you placed that triggered the bonus. So if you place bigger bets, you’ll get a bigger oil dividend bonus.
You will also be awarded higher credit values depending on how many "Texas Ted" symbols you received that activated the bonus.

Big Oil Bonus: is activated when you get at least three of the oil pump icons on a pay line that you actually wagered.

As with the Oil Dividend Bonus, it’s worth even more if you have 4 or 5 derricks on the wagered line.  Once activated, the screen begins to rumble and shake and then a big geyser of oil appears. At this point, the game allows you to place oil derricks in different regions of the state. The derricks then start pumping oil furiously and your credit value increases according to how much oil is pumped. This is the most sought-after bonus in Texas Tea slots because you’ll see a huge amount of bonus pay when this happens.

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