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Aristocrat's Jaws is a 5 reel, 25 line video slot. The game is available in 1, 2, and 5c denominations. The minimum bet is 35 credits, which covers all 25 pay lines and the 10 credit ante bet that makes you eligible for the bonus games and multipliers.

The machine is heavily themed to the film with the famous fishing boat sitting atop the slot bank. Above this is a large LCD monitor that alternates between the current Hyperlink Jackpot values and showing clips from the original film. Each individual machine is trimmed with a water affect and topped with a buoy that sways back and forth and rings its bell when the jackpot game is triggered. The speakers that surround your chair play the iconic music from the film and even look like shark gills.  Lastly, your spin button is an embossed shark tooth.

Base Game:

The Jaws symbol is wild and substitutes for any symbol (except the tooth) and it also multiplies all wins in which it substitutes 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x or even 100x.

Bonus Rounds:

When three scattered tooth symbols appear, you choose between the Player's Choice Free Games feature and the Dice Game feature.

Free Games Feature: You select 5, 10 or 15 free games. The lower the number of games the better chance at a higher multiplier. Anytime a tooth symbol appears during the free games, a bonus multiplier of up to 100x will be awarded. The Free Games feature can be triggered again during your free spins.

Dice Games Feature: You will play a total of three dice games. The screen displays a grid of nine dice with the eight outer dice being rolled. If one or more jaws symbols are rolled, then they are held and the remaining outer dice are rolled again. This continues until no more Jaws symbols are rolled or 8 Jaws appear. At the end of each of the three dice games, a prize ranging from 70 to 5,000 credits is awarded. The prize is based on the number of Jaws spun up.

At the completion of the three dice games, the middle die is rolled to possibly award three more games.

Bonus Rounds

The following 4 bonus rounds can be triggered randomly. The edge lighting on the slot bank changes from a calm blue to a blood red.

Golden Jaws Bonus: Here you come face to face with Jaws and touch his teeth to reveal credit awards. After three picks, you can collect your winnings or risk it and continue touching teeth and building up credits. If you continue and the shark's mouth closes, you will lose half of the credits you have accumulated. However, you could also win the top prize of 1,000,000 credits, when playing max bet.

Shark Hunter Bonus: You must find Jaws behind one of the 20 squares in the fish finder grid. You can select between 1 and 15 picks, but the fewer the picks, the bigger the reward.

With 15 picks, the win is 700 credits
10 picks awards 1,000
5 picks awards 2,000
2 picks awards 5,000
And 1 pick, you win 10,000 credits.

The credit awards are then multiplied by the bet multiplier.  If you run out of picks before you find Jaws, you will receive a random credit consolation prize.

Feeding Time Bonus: Credit prizes are hidden behind 20 movie icons including sharks, swimmers and images from the film. The prizes range from 10 credits per line bet to 10,000 credits per line bet.  There's also a 5x multiplier available.

You can select two icons to reveal your prizes. At random intervals Jaws will appear and he will eat the icons. You can choose immediately or can wait and hope that Jaws eats the smaller prizes, giving you better odds at a larger win.

Hyperlink Jackpot Bonus: The screen changes to reveal a game board with a shark game piece and a boat game piece. The center reels spin and the boat chases Jaws around the board. When the boat catches the shark, you win whatever jackpot level is indicated on the square; Mini, Minor, Major or Grand. If the shark and the boat don't meet after 30 spins, you will still win the Mini Jackpot.

The Mini resets at $15-$30
Minor resets at $75-$150
Major from $150-$300
And the Grand from $800-$1,600

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