Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aladdin & The Magic Quest

WMS Gaming’s Aladdin & the Magic Quest is a 40-line, 5-reel video slot available in both penny and nickel denominations.  For the penny machine, the minimum bet is 40 credits with a max of 400 credits.  The nickel machine has a 20-credit minimum with a 100-credit max.  It offers either a 750,000 credit top award or a Wide Area Progressive Jackpot.

Aladdin introduces the Sensory Immersion 2.0 motion chair, which not only offers surround sound speakers and a rubble seat but the chair actually moves during 2 of the 3 bonus games and is aligned perfectly with what is going on in the game.  Regardless if you are playing minimum or max credit, it does not affect the ability or the frequency of the bonus rounds that utilize the Sensory Immersion motion chair.

For those of you that suffer from motion sickness, fear not.  Before you begin the game, you have the option of choosing how intense you would like the ride experience to be.  In addition, you are also able to adjust or turn off said intensity while in game.  You can find these options on the bottom left of the screen.

The base game has 5 Magic Features that randomly triggered at any time.
  • Aladdin’s Wilds changes all Aladdin symbols into wilds and pay at 2x
  • The Scatter pay awards any win as a scatter pay
  •  Win Multiplier will take all wins and apply 5x, 10x, 15x, or 25x to them
  • Wild Reels turns 1 up to all 5 reels wild
  •  Instant Bonus is self explanatory

Bonus Rounds – 3 scattered Genie lamp bonus symbols trigger the bonus round.  You start off entering a cave with a waterfall and 3 doors above it representing the 3 bonus rounds available.  You must choose from 10 enchanted stones to determine which bonus you will play.

Mystical Spins bonus is a free spin bonus.  You have a 3 in 10 chance of picking this bonus.  The game takes place in front of the same waterfall where you selected which bonus game you would play.  You are given 10 free spins with all wins paid at 2x or 4x multiplier.  During the free spin bonus you have the opportunity to win additional spins should you get another 3 scattered Genie lamp bonus symbols. 

Aladdin’s Magical Flight Bonus makes full use of the Sensory Immersion chair as it fly’s you through the Arabian city on a magic carpet while it’s under attack.  You have a 4 in 10 chance of picking this bonus game. 

The bonus begins with a brief story about how the genie has been terrorizing Aladdin’s city hence the reason for the quest.  During the flight, you will be asked to select from a collection of items ranging from scorpions, cherubs, arks and henchmen.  Your selection will determine if you move on in the bonus round as well as win credits, multipliers or trigger the Sky Bonus. 

Sky Bonus is a bonus within a bonus.  Here you touch the lamp to determine which diamond will be selected.  The goal is to avoid the fireballs, which selected lamps turn into after they’ve been chosen.  Diamond awards increase in value the more you collect.  The Sky Bonus continues until you select all of the diamonds or land on a fireball.

Clash of the Genie Bonus  - Here you also enjoy the Sensory Immersion chair when you fly into battle with the Genie on the magic carpet.  The goal is find the princess.  To do this, you need to disarm the Genies armor by selecting various jewels located on the armor.  Each piece of armor removed increases the odds of finding and rescuing the princess, which awards you a 100x credit multiplier bonus.  You have a 2 in 10 chance of selecting this round.

Again the bonus starts with a brief story about how Aladdin has discovered the Genie’s lair and will do battle with him to save the princess.  The four pieces of armor are located on the Genies wrists, chest and forehead.  Select the piece of armor you would like to attach and Aladdin will use magic to freeze the genie.  This will give you the chance to select from a collection of gems located on the armor.   The gems will award you either credits, advance you further in the bonus and destroy the armor or find the Genie lamp.  The lamp will reduce the number of gems to choose from on the Genies armor and increase your odds of finding the princess.

Each additional piece of armor you defeat applies a credit multiplier to every credit award selected during that battle.  The more pieces of armor you defeat, the higher the multiplier, up to 4x.  Defeating all 4 pieces of the Genies armor gives you the best chance at finding the princess, ending the bonus round and send the Genie back into his lamp.

The progressive jackpot is won when 5 progressive symbols appear on line 1 at Max Bet.

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