Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pirate Battle

  • A competitive slot with a 4 seat bank of machines, each with a 32 in overhead monitor that join together to make one screen that the Pirate Battle Bonus Rounds play out on against other players.
    • Each game station has its own base game from the G+ Deluxe collection of games.
    • These titles include Vampire’s Embrace, Queen of the Wild, Laredo, Robin Hood & the Golden Arrow
    • G+ games are individual games with various themes that pay out often and have bonus rounds primarily consisting of free spins.
    • These games are able to be networked into a community bank of slots were players playing different games all become networked into the community bonus game

  • Pirate Battle Bonus Rounds - These are triggered randomly.  You don’t need certain symbols to line up on your game, it will just happen however you have to be eligible to enter the bonus round.

  • Qualifications for eligibility relate to your base game bet.  Each bet gets you 6 seconds in the bonus round.  There is also a bet multiplier that will get you extra time depending on the amount of your bet and the speed in which you play the game.

  • Pirate Battle offers two Bonus Rounds, randomly chosen. Both pit the left two players on the slot bank, the Blue Team, against the right side of the slot bank, the Red Team, in battle

    • Free Spin Battle Bonus
      • An animated ship surrounded firing a cannon is the symbol players are looking for.  Every time the player gets a reel full of them, you get one shot at the other team’s ships.  A player can get up to 5 shots per spin.
      • Start off with 10 free spins with the potential to win more
      • Once you sink a ship, both players on the team get the ships treasure.  It isn’t split up
      • 3 Hits on a ship sinks it
    • X Marks the Spot Bonus
      • Each Team has a ship firing cannons.  (The game decides the outcome.  It isn’t interactive)
      • The last team who has a cannon wins the credit amount associated with the cannon.
      • After the winning team is determined, one of the team mates selects from a chest to try for an additional bonus

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