Sunday, October 9, 2011

WMS Battleship Slot - Team Compete to Win

Battleship - Team Compete to Win
  • Game has a 20 line/30 credit, 30 line/45 credit & 40 line/60 credit min pay lines versions
  • Game pits Blue Team against the Red Team in battles to sink the most ships, the winning team gets additional bonus rewards
  • Community Bonus Rounds - Triggered when 3 or more bonus symbols appear on the reels
    • Communal bonus rounds play out on 3 overhead screens.  The left half of the slot bank plays agains the right half in bonus games.  The game random offers two games to pic from
      • Bomber's Run Bonus
        • Each team gets a plane that flies over a fleet of ships dropping bombs that randomly hit shops for points.
        • Team with the most points gest a 2nd run
      • Free Spins Victory Bonus
      • Find and Conquer Bonus
        • Each team shares placement of ships on a the battleship grid
        • Then members of the team share rounds of picks firing on the other teams ships, trying to sink them. 

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