Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jurassic Park (IGT)

Jurassic Park from IGT is an exciting two gamed video slot machine. Play each board at the same time, with three communal bonuses that are being given! Be able to choose your own egg, and hatch a dinosaur of your own. Choose the area that you would like to play in and watch the graphics unfold in front of your eyes. Based after the favorite movie, Jurassic Park, this fun filled game puts you in the seat of the Jeep. Be able to drive through the masses of dinosaurs that are out to get you, and make sure to get your spins in along the way!

With an interactive game play, like never before seen, it is more like a video game that a slot machine. You’re able to actually be a part of the action as the raptors come up to your vehicle and try to get in! The sounds throughout the game are actually from the hit movie. With them directing your way, you’re able to get to safety - or lose your bet.

Since you’re able to play two different reels at the same time, you’re able to take away more than ever with the wins that you get. The interface is entirely touch screen, so you’re able to touch and spin as you go, while choosing paths and running from the raptors, all in a day’s worth of game play.

Free Spin Bonus

With the Raptor Rampage Bonus, you’re able to get many free spins just by matching the raptors on the screen. Raptors will come out of the reels, jump on the screen and let you roll to see how many free spins you’ve won. Get a jackpot spin for additional coins, or added game time. However, get three damages on the vehicle and you’re out of bonus time for that game.

The Panic at the Park Bonus gives you yet another way to win some free spins, or even coins in your pocket. You have to be the one to stop the generators in the right location. From there, you’re able to see how much you get with your bonus. Get your credits added directly to your account.

The Random Wilds Feature provides you with a way to grab extra points by hatching your own baby dinosaur. Choose the right egg, out of four different options and be able to cash out on those benefits, however - if the wrong egg is chosen, you will surely lose the bet you placed.

One of the biggest features that are not shown with many video slots is the fact that you’re able to play multi-player. Be able to grab a friend, and go with them on this exotic, somewhat scary adventure. Make sure to make the right moves and turns - or you may find yourself lost within the jungle! Sit down for the ride and experience of your life with this fun, interactive game that opens up the gates to Jurassic Park like you’ve never seen it before.

Jurassic Park Online Slot Machine

There is also an online version of Jurassic Park video slot that was released by the gaming software company
Microgaming in 2014. The slot machine has 5 reels with 243 ways to win. The minimum bet is 30 coins in order to have access to all 243 paylines. The game is also stacked with cool features such as free spins, bonus rounds, wilds, scatters and multipliers.

There is much more information about the online version at that gives you a full detailed description about the game, how it works, and where you can play it online.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pawn Stars

Bally’s Technologies Pawn Stars is a 5-reel, 25-line video slot available in all denominations with a 250-credit max bet.  It’s based off of the insanely popular TV show of the same name and features it’s most recognizable characters in Rick, The Old Man, Cory and Chumlee.

The game has two 22-inch videos screens, a bonus wheel on top of those as well as a surround sound chair.  Before you begin to play, you get to choose whom you would like to play the game as.  Who you pick will determine the colors, pictures and symbols you see in the game.  It also makes any wins with that characters symbol in the base game and free spins bonus double in value.
During the base game, a random “Item Selection Feature” allows you to pick from 20 options to reveal not only a credit award but also an item that can be used to sell at the pawn shop later.  All items collected are placed in an “inventory” for you to use, should you trigger the “Negotiation bonus”

Bonus Rounds

When you get a “Diamond Bonus” symbol on the 1st and 5th reels, you get to spin the Bonus wheel.  This spin will determine if you receive instant credit prizes or enter into one of the bonus rounds, which include free games, the Chumlee Video Bonus, the Treasure Bonus or the Negotiation bonus.  This is done by either touching the game screen or the iDeck LCD button pad on the game deck.  You also have the option of spinning the wheel clockwise or counter clockwise. 

In the Treasure bonus, you get to watch a video from one of the stars of the show, then awarded a multiplier that can be anything from 4-60 times of your total bet.

There are 3 Chumlee bonus features.  In each, you are again awarded a multiplier based on what your total bet was ranging this time from 2-20x.  However, depending on which one you land on, you can see Chumlee dressed up as either a Pharaoh, a Leprechaun or a Cowboy each with a special video.

The Free Spin Bonus can award 10–20 spins with a random multiplier of 3-6 times

The Negotiation Bonus – This is the feature bonus.  Here, either the old man, Rick, Cory or Chumlee will appear and ask you to choose one of the items they have earned during the base games “Item Selection feature” to sell.  If you haven’t been awarded any items during the base game, the bonus will automatically give you one.

Once you select the item, the bonus round simulates what it would be like to attempt to sell something in the store.  Sometimes you will simply receive a credit offer for the item but usually negotiations begin.  When that happens you’ll be asked “How much where you looking to get out of this”?  Here you will see several amounts listed on the screen to choose from.  Depending on the one you select, you can receive a response like “I can’t pay you that much.  I’ll give you…”.  The negotiations continue like this until you eventually find a price somewhere in the middle.  In some cases, just like the show, the authenticity of your item can be called into question.  In these cases, you can either accept the last offer you were given or allow an expert to determine if it is real or not.  If the item you are trying to sell is real, you’ll receive double the last offer you were made.  If your item is a fake, you get nothing.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Bally’s Technologies NASCAR is a 5-reel, 30-line penny video slot with a 320-credit max bet and is available in a wide-area as well as local progressives with the top jackpot resetting at $400,000.  The game is played mainly on a 22-inch monitor but utilizes the 32-inch vertical monitor above that for the bonus rounds.

As with all sports, fans have their favorite team, or in NASCARs case, their favorite driver.  So Bally’s is featuring 5 of the sports most popular drivers.  To begin the game, you select from drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon or Clint Bowyer.  Your game play experience will adjust according to the individual you select in the colors displayed, the driver specific reel symbols, the car featured as well as the drivers likeness in the base game and bonus rounds.   The game is set at the sports most popular event; the Daytona 500 and features the voice of NASCAR TV host and radio announcer Eli Gold to further enhance the authenticity of the experience with the surround sound chair

Bonus Rounds

The Burnout bonus is a free spin bonus.  It’s triggered when you get “Burnout bonus symbols” on reels 1, 2 and 3.  When this happens, you touch the screen and physically spin the U-spin NASCAR Tire wheel.  You can choose to spin either clockwise or counter clockwise as well as determine how fast the wheel on the car will spin because the game matches the force you use.  The result is one of five free spin bonus rounds that vary in the number of spins received as well as various multipliers and wild outcomes applied.

The Pit Stop Bonus is triggered when you get “Pit Stop Bonus” symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4.  You’ll see your car come in for a pit stop.  Their you will get a screen full of lug nuts of which you get to select 5 to win credits or upgrade items for your car.  You can upgrade your engine, tires, suspension and fuel.  The more upgrades you find, the more credits you win.

The U-race bonus is triggered by “U-Race” symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5.  Here you enter the race at the back of the pack.  You get to select various directions for your driver to take in an attempt to move up in the pack.  The selections can be made either on the main screen or using the iDeck.  You get a total of 5 picks and can select to pass down low, on the high side or charge ahead.  After each maneuver you are awarded credits as well as where you finish in the race.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


IGT's CSI is a five-reel, 30-line penny video slot with top jackpot of 6,000 credits.  The game is based on the popular television series of the same name.  Not a fan of the original show, well IGT has already thought of that.  This game offers 3 versions of the game, one for each version of the show; the original set in Vegas, CSI Miami and CSI NY.  To select the show of your choice, you simply swipe the screen before game play begins.  The background, charters, theme music, reel symbols, video cut aways from the actual show and even the above display screen change to reflect the version of the show you’ve chosen to play but other than that, the game is the same across all 3 options.

In the base play, winning symbols are tied to the characters of that show.  The more important they are to the show, the higher the award.  Other wining combinations come from symbols such as fingerprint kits and cameras.

Bonus rounds

Trace Evidence bonus – A random bonus, if you get a race evidence symbol on the last payline, the game goes dark as they turn the lights out and use a black light to reveal forensic evidence aka extra wild symbols.

The crime scene bonus - If you get 3 crime scene polaroid’s on reels 1, 3 and 5, you trigger the interactive crime scene bonus.  First the game will randomly determine who the suspect is and the item you really care about, the corresponding match value (aka, how many picks you get at the crime scene).  If your suspect didn’t award you a bunch of picks, don’t worry because you can be awarded additional picks if you choose to analyze the right pieces of evidence in the room.


At the actual crime scene, you select from various items of evidence consisting of bloodstains, a body and various other items that you select from in an attempt to find 3 or more pieces of evidence.  At first it seems kind of gruesome for a slot but its kind of what the entire show is about. If you can find at least 3, it triggers a free-game bonus “The Forensic Lab”.  Here you want to collect DNA strands symbols.  Each one you find increases your multiplier as well as mains wild for the remainder of the free spin round.