Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

  • Base Game
    • The Base game is a 5-reel, 25-line video slot with a Bose surround sound chair featuring music from the film a well as cinematic spins continuing to show you scenes from the film.  The game takes you on the same journey through Middle Earth as the movie does.  Certain paylines also trigger scenes from the film for the player to view.
    • It has the ability to save a players progress allowing the player to pick up where they left off in the game. Players create a username and password before starting the game.  Then you can pick up where you left off or continue at home on your computer at
  • Powers Spin features
    • There are 5 types
      • Frodo Wilds, Random Reels Wild, Win Multiple, Scatter Spin and Bonus Booster
    • You can collect “Power Spin” awards and play them immediately or save and use them later to enhance the outcome of a spin.
    • These enhancements include multipliers, wild symbols, and one-symbol bonus triggers
  •      2 mystery features
    • Gollum Wilds – a random feature has Gollum drop in at the top of the screen and randomly turns 2-15 symbols into wilds.
    • Legolas Wilds – random arrows fly in and randomly change 2-15 symbols into wilds
  • Bonus rounds – Bonus Rounds are trigger when 3 rings appear on the screen.  Depending on your progress in the game, you are giving the ability to pick which bonus game you play.

o     Gandalf's Fireworks at Hobbiton – a free spin bonus, the game starts with 8 spins.  If any wild symbol lands on reels 2,3 or 4 and there is at least one win on the reels, the wild symbol is lit and the firework at the top of the reel launches up to the above monitor and explodes to reveal a 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier which is applied to your winning reels.  If 3 ring symbols appear in any of the reels, you receive another 8 free spins.

o    Merry and Pippin's Garden Heist at Hobbiton – an interactive bonus, you are awarded 3 picks.  You choose from a selection of vegetables that will either reveal a credit prize or a farmers hat.  If no farmer symbol is revealed, you go to the next round, receive 3 more picks and the credit values increase.  If one farmer symbol is revealed, the bonus is over.  If you find all 3 farmer symbols in a round, you receive a 100x multiplier.

o    The Prancing Pony at Bree (unlocked at mile 10) – an interactive bonus that starts by having the player select a door that will determine how many picks you get in the bonus.  Anywhere between 5-11.  With those picks, you select from a collection of beds.  Once the selections have been made, 4 Nazgul appear and destroy 4 beds at random.  Each bed that is not destroyed by a Nazgul becomes a credit award, the total is multiplied by the number of picked beds that survived the Nazgul attack.

o    Arwen's Rescue at Weathertop (unlocked at mile 25) – a free spin round that doesn’t end until each column has been flooded by Arwen.  Anytime Arwen appears on a reel, it transforms into a wild and will be that way for all future spins.  Once all 5 reels have transformed into a wild, one last spin is awarded and the bonus round ends.

o    Isildur's Sword at Rivendale (unlocked at mile 45) – an interactive bonus, the game starts will a grid of 6 columns.  The player selects one item from each column to reveal either credit awards, a broken piece of Isildur’s sword or an “all symbol”.  Each column has a piece of the sword hidden in it.  If you find one, you receive another round of picks.  The goal is to find all the pieces of the sword.  Once you find a piece of the sword in a column, that column is no longer available to choose from.  There is one “all symbol” per bonus round.  If you find it, you complete the sword and are awarded 3,000 credits on top of what you have already won in the bonus round.

o     The Balrog Bonus in the mines of Moria (Unlocked at mile 75) – A free spin round that doesn’t end until Gandalf receives 5 hits.  Every winning spin triggers an attack by Gandalf against the Balrog.  Each time you get a winning line, Gandalf attacks the Balrog and his 5 multiplier values.  The multiplier value Gandalf doesn’t destroy is applied to your winning spin, anywhere from 2x-15x.  If you do not have a winning payline, the Balrog attacks Gandalf.  Galdalf can only withstand 5 hits before his shield is gone.  After Galdalf’s shield is gone, the next attack by the Balrog will defeat Gandal.  However, if you receive 3 scattered ring symbols on lines 1, 3 and 5, Galdalf’s shield recharges fully.  Once Gandalf’s shield is gone, you will pick from 3 orbs to determine your fate.  The options include Recharge, Final Shot or End Bonus.  Recharge will give Gandalf’s shield 3 more hits.  The “Final Shot” spins until you have a winning payline.

o    Galadriel's Staircase at Lothloarian (unlocked at mile 110) – a free spin bonus that adds wilds to each spin.  The game starts with 5 spins.  Each spin takes you to another step up Galadrial’s Staircase.  You get 1 more spin every time a Galadriel symbol appears with the Light of Anur.  The game continues until you reach the top of the staircase or you run out of spins.

o    Uruk-Hai Battle (unlocked at mile 150) – This is kind of like the Dungeons and Dragons bonus.  Each enemy has a point value.  The reels below determine what the Fellowship members point value is.  If the point value of the fellowship member is greater than or equal to the enemies, you win the point value associated with that enemy.  If not, the fellowship member is defeated and the next member of the fellowship will attempt to do battle the same way.  This continues until all enemies are defeated or all the members of the fellowship lose.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Star Trek Battlestations

WMS - Star Trek Battlestations - This is an 80-line dual reel base game were "Big Event" community bonus games play out every 8 minutes on the two 52 inch overhead monitors .  The game also features a surround sound chair as well as new audio recorded just for the game by Shatner and Nimoy. 

The first goal is to construct a ship.  You can build up to 5 ships that you will use in battle in the bonus rounds.  Each "Enterprise" symbol you get in the base game helps you to construct your ships.  The value of the "Enterprise" symbol depends on your line bet so bet high until you construct at least one ship, then you can back down to the minimum if you want your money to last longer.  Players must have at least one ship in their fleet to qualify for the "Big Event" bonus games.
Bonus Rounds
  • The Battle Bonus - Each ship in your fleet targets Klingon ships to win credits.  
    • To start the round, first choose a ship to attack.  If you destroy the ship, you get the credits associated to it. 
    • Each player receives at least one shot at the enemy ships grid for every ship in the players fleet.  The goal is to guess which target that will destroy the enemy ship.  Shots that don't destroy the ship award various credits values.
    • At the end of the bonus, your credits are multiplied by your ships "Fleet Multiplier".  The number of earned ships determines the "Fleet multiplier" you are taking into the bonus rounds. 
    • Each ship that survives the battle is promoted to a higher rank and higher credit multiplier. 
  • The Rogue Bonus - Use your ships tractor beam to try and capture a lost ship.
    • The person who captures the Romulan ship wins the highest number of credits but everyone with at least one ship in the bonus wins credits.
    • Once the round ends, your awarded credits are multiplied by the "Feel Multiplier" value
    • It is completely random which player captures the ship.  The strength of your flee or you bet per line have no influence on the outcome.
  • Free Spin Bonus - In the base game, free spins are triggered when you get 3 bonus symbols.
    • The game also features free spin transports.  If you get a wild on one of the split reel games, it transports that symbol to the other reel, filling it entierly with the wild symbol.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Frog Prince

IGT: Frog Prince Slot - 5-reel, 15-line, video slot with 2 bonus games, one interactive and one free spin.  The theme of the game is the classic children’s fable of the same name.  Prince charming is trapped in the body of a frog and needs a kiss from a princess to change back into a human.

  • Bonus Round
    • Magic Wish Bonus
      • This is the free spin bonus.  It is trigger when you get any combination of 5 Frog Prince and Magic Wish symbols on a payline
      • You can receive up to six free spins as well as a multiplier of up to 5 times your initial wager.  
      • During the free spins bonus, you can trigger the other, interactive bonus.
    • Kiss the Frog Bonus
      • This is the interactive bonus.  It’s triggered when you get 3 Crowned Frog symbols anywhere in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel.
      • This will trigger the song “Joy to the World (Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog)” by Three Dog Night to play throughout the bonus round.
      • The round starts with you choosing between 3 frog to determine how many “kisses” (aka chances) you get in the next stage of the bonus round.
      • After that, you choose a frog to get a multiplier of your bet, from 4-100 times.
      • You can accept the offer or reject it and try again.
      • The bonus round continues until you either accept one of the offers or run out of chances.  In which case you receive the final offer.

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