Sunday, September 30, 2012

Superman The Movie

Aristocrat's Superman The Movie is a 5 reel, 25 line, video stepper slot, available in penny, 2 cent and nickel denominations. The minimum bet is 50 credits and a maximum bet of 250, which covers all pay lines and the 25 credit ante bet, making you eligible for all bonus events.

The game is based on the 1978 Superman Movie, starring Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman and is loaded with clips and audio from the film.
The slot is housed in a modified version of Aristocrat's Viridian cabinet, with the top box and LCD monitor presented in glowing ice sculptures, resembling The Fortress of Solitude.

The game utilises Aristocrat's Active Reel Technology, which is a combination of standard mechanical reels, overlayed with digital animation. This creates a unique slot experience, as reels can turn from standard to stacked, with the overlayed graphics.

Bonus Rounds:

All bonus rounds, feature clips and highlights from the film.

Super Strength Rockslide Feature: In this bonus round, rocks tumble over the reels until there is a winning combination. The result is multiplied against the bonus round multiplier which can be up to 5x.

Superman Remix Feature: Here the Active Reel Technology is used, as video animation is added to the reels. Three standard symbols are changed to wilds and the reels are rearranged and re-evaluated up to 3 times.

Lex Luthor's Liar: This is an interactive bonus in which you pick from up to 5 screens of objects to reveal credit awards and multipliers. If you find Lex Luthor the bonus round is ended. However if you make it to the 5th round you're awarded a bonus multiplier.

Save Lois Lane: Is the free games feature where extra free spins and bonus reels are awarded when the Superman symbol appears on any pay line.

Fortress of Solitude: During the 10 free games, certain symbols rack up points and further trigger the three level progressive jackpot. Your accrued points will award you either the Minor, Major or Grand jackpot, depending on how many points were awarded.

The jackpots reset at the following amounts:
Minor- $50
Major- $500

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Money Vault

Bally Technologies Money Vault  is a five reel, 40 payline, penny video slot. The game is linked wide area progressive, with the jackpot starting at a life changing $1000,000.

Money Vault is housed in Bally's hammerhead cabinet and features a fully immerse player screen and the massive top box display. The hammerhead top screen mirrors your actions during the bonus rounds and provides crystal clear 3D graphics.

Bally Technologies Ideck is also utilised and is a fully functional digital button deck, that doubles as a third LCD screen.

Base Game:

During the base game the exclusive directional wild dial can be hit on reel three, when playing any bet level. Once the reels stop, the directional dial spins and points in 1 of 8 possible directions, turning all symbols it faces wild. This greatly increases your win on that spin.

Bonus Game:

The wheel bonus is triggered when you hit 3 scattered U-spin symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. Here you are transported into a bank vault and have the chance to spin Bally technologies U-spin wheel. This is a fully responsive 3D wheel that responds to your touch in real time.
In this bonus you are eligible to win credits, free games or the $1000,000 jackpot, but only if playing max bet.

The free games feature which is awarded during the wheel bonus awards an initial 10 free games at a 1x multiplier, but you are able to hit up to 50 free games during the bonus.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Star Trek Explore New Worlds

WMS Gaming Star Trek Explore New Worlds: is a 5 reel, 25 line video slot in which you have the option to choose your denomination, from penny, to an epic $50 per credit game. The maximum bet is 1,050 and the top award is 300,000 credits. The game features a 3 level progressive jackpot, where 3 jackpot symbols award up to 590 credits, 4 symbols award up to 2,050 credits and 5 award 6,900.

Explore New Worlds utilizes WMS's Adaptive Gaming. When you sit down to play, you have the option to create a log in account. You firstly choose a user name and select your own personal icon; Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura, Scotty or Sulu. This information can be saved and anytime you sit down at a Star Trek machine, you can log back in and pick up where you left off in terms of your medals and accomplishments. As this is the first episode in the Star Trek series, you will only have access to it, but as you progress, you will gain access to Trouble With Tribbles and Trek Through Time. Both these versions have their own bonus rounds and special features.

Base Game:

During any spin in the base game, 3 scattered Bonus symbols trigger the Pick a Bonus screen, where you can pick between a free spin bonus or a bonus picking game.

To be eligible for all bonus rounds and base game features, a 10 credit ante bet is required. which enables the following:

Enterprise Fly By Feature: where during the base game, the U.S.S Enterprise flies across the screen, turning all winning combinations into other symbols to create new pays.

The Spock Multiplier: Spock appears and multiplies all line wins from 3x to 10x

The Rock Creature Multiplying Wild: the Rock Creature appears on screen and leaves a multiplying wild worth from 3x to 10x in a random position on one of the reels.

Scotty's Wild Reel: Scotty walks on screen and fills one or two of the reels entirely with wilds.

Bonus Rounds:

When the bonus round is triggered, you have the option of playing the Red Alert Bonus or the Beam Me Up Bonus, again adding to the immerse, interactive gaming experience.

Red Alert Bonus:  Is a free spin bonus. Each winning spin zaps a Klingon ship on the top screen, which multiplies all wins from 2x to 15x. Each losing spin results in the Enterprise taking a hit. The bonus ends when the Enterprise has sustained five hits. During any spin, three or more scattered Shields symbols reset the Enterprise to full strength. At the end of the bonus you get a chance to pick from a group of icons, if you reveal a Shields to Full symbol, the bonus round re triggers.

Beam Me Up Bonus: You select from an array of objects, to hopefully find a member of the crew, which reveals a credit amount. If you uncover the Salt Monster the bonus is ended. If however you find the Salt Monster within 3 picks, you are given a 1 in 5 chance of restarting he bonus round.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Powerball Power Seat

WMS's Powerball Power Seat is a 5 reel, 10 or 25 line video slot, available in either 5 c denominations for the 10 line configuration or 1c for the 25 line game.

Powerball is available in 2 distinct themes:
Hoppin Wild

Both themes make use of clumped symbols, meaning that 1 or multiple reels can be stacked, resulting in large payoffs.

Powerball Slots were first released by WMS in 2006 and have awarded over $13,899,00 in payouts and made 9 players instant millionaires.

The newest additions to the Powerball Line utilize community gaming and the player in the Power Seat can be awarded a multiplier of up to 300 times.

Base Game:

Hoppin Wild: In this theme, clumped symbols occur frequently and change at regular intervals, from frogs, to dragonflies to Wilds. Should you hit all 5 reels with clumped Wild symbols, you win the top award.

  • 100,000 credits on the 10 line
  • 500,000 credits on the 25 line

This large payouts are only applicable if you are playing max bet.

Thunderhawk: In this them only the Totem Pole Wild symbol can be clumped, but should you hit 5 clumped reels, you are awarded with

  • 100,000 credits on the 10 line game
  • 250,00 credits in the 25 line configuration

Bonus Rounds:

Each players winnings in the bonus games are multiplied by your community bonus multiplier. The higher the bets and the faster the play; the larger the multiplier 1-30x.

When the bonus rounds are triggered, one lucky player on the bank will discover that they are sitting in the Power Seat. This means their community bonus multiplier is increased by a factor between 1x to 10x. The Power Seat Player could have their bonus round winnings multiplied by up to 300x

Once the Powerball Bonus Round Begins, your attention is directed to the overhead LCD screen, where all players watch balls be released from a lottery hopper. The last ball drawn awards a credit amount to each player or will trigger 1 of 4 community bonuses.

Mystery Spin Bonus: a new set of reels appear on each players screen and each player receives one free spin. The first 2 reels are filled with clumped mystery symbols. The last 3 reels spin more slowly and are filled with mystery symbols. When each player has spun their reels, a large prize is spun on the overhead monitor. Whatever symbol the wheel lands on replaces all of the mystery symbols on each players reels and is further multiplied by your bonus multiplier.

The Power Seat player is awarded the extra multipliers.

Tire Pump Bonus:  The overhead monitor shows a red powerball character holding a tire pump. The powerball begins pumping air into 6 white lottery balls, each with a random digit on their bellies. As the balls get too large, they explode and all remaining balls are combined to form a credit amount that is awarded to each player.

Super Shot Bonus: In this bonus round, a cannon shoots the red powerball character across the screen. The further the distance travelled, the more credits awarded to all players.
This bonus can also trigger the Matrix Bonus.

 Matrix Bonus: The red powerball character spins a Money reel, which contains three pay lines. Each ball on the reels corresponds to a spot on the displayed matrix grid. If a players ball lands on a pay line, you are awarded  the credit value.