Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/25/11 - IGT The Dark Knight Slot

IGT - The Dark Knight Slot
  • 50 line slotStacked Wilds and re-spins where all the prizes are doubled
  • It has an auto play feature that allows the player to do nothing and just watch the game unfold. The game will continue to play until the player stops it.
  • 5 individual game stations under a 103 inch communal screen
  • Also available in the “Center Stage Duo”offering with two stations and a smaller communal screen above.
  • You get to choose which side you want to play as, Batman or the Joker
    • Bonus Rounds
      • Agent of Chaos and the Sonar Bonus incorporate scenes from the movie with multiple winner outcomes
      • Sleight of Hand bonus requires you to swipe your hand across the screen to flip over the Jokers cards
      • During the game, multiple things can trigger the bonus credits
      • Joker can drive across the screen and launch rockets creating an explosion of credits
      • Batman may chase after him and shoot the back to increase the credit awards
      • The Bat signal and Two Face’s coin flip make appearances as well

Friday, September 23, 2011

9/18/11 - IGT Ghostbusters Slot

IGT - Ghostbusters Slot
    • IGT rolled out the New Ghostbusters slot machine featuring real voice overs by Dan Aykroyd or someone who sounds exactly like him.
    • It’s a 50 credits per spin game, 30 paylines with a 20 credit side bet
    • Bonus Games include
    • Ballroom Buster were you use your proton pack to find ghosts
    • Free games bonus, were the stay puff marshmallow man throws flaming marshmallows at the screen. If they stick to the reels, you can get locking bonuses.
    • The “Are You Psychic” bonus lets you guess the which card has the matching symbol to get credit and advance to the next round
    • The game has a 55 in LCD positioned over two stations and has the surround sound seats.